Jean Marc Brun | Barber, Creator

Jean Marc Brun | Barber, Creator

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The elegance of the scissor-kick Jean-Marc Brown

Posted by Vincent
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"... I had an appointment on Saturday at 14: 00 with Jean-Marc Brown in the aftermath of the living room from Christopher Robin to a benefit. The location is superb and the welcome very warm. Jean-Marc just like me in the south of France, it is someone who is very simple, charming and attentive. I have not had the special opportunity to attend high-end salons so far, so I well observed : the first thing that attracted me, it was his report to the hair. Often in a chain of hairdressing salon, the professional will guide you directly to the bac for the shampoo, here it is very different : Jean-Marc listens your hair a eye notified and made a diagnosis. He found that my scalp was of pretty good quality, slightly dull. So he used a care sea salt (scrub washing, purifying sea salt-Christophe Robin) in order to cleanse and moisturize... "

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